Acne symptoms occurring in Menopause

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Women in general will suffer many symptoms while in menopause transition and acne is another one of those symptoms. As if to say that it is not enough to have to endure to all the negative changes occurring to the body. Now even the skin of the face and some body parts are showing ugly signs.
Where does it end one may say.

What causes acne to appear?
For women who have never experienced acne previous to their menopause symptom, and now they begin to have it can only mean one thing. This means that now the pores are being blocked and it the reason why acne appears, but due to what?
However it has been suggested that the cause of developing acne in menopause is caused by (HRT) Hormone Replacement Treatment. What really happens is that Prostegin can cause the breakout of acne. In the initial stages of menopause the ovaries gradually begin a shut down process, and this will create hormonal imbalances, which in turn will block the pores and acne begins to form.
The actual process of how the acne develops is that since female adults produce strong androgens called testosterones; these can cause an increase of sebum, which is the culprit in blocking pores, which make it hard to cut off dead skin cells. These will then finish up in the skin pores and acne begin to start forming.

What really cures acne in menopause?
As always the first thing that may come to mind in treating acne are lotions or oral medicines, however these will not help unless you change your diet. What eliminates acne is purely a healthy diet and by that one has to first eliminate all the garbage such as creams, sugars, flour, sodas cakes, salty foods and all the other ingredients that will hold up the new diet you are about to follow.
After this has been achieved you can replace sods with fresh water and drink up to five liters daily for this will flush toxins away faster than imagined. Start including a vitamin supplement of vitamin A and B respectively. Vitamin A helps greatly in maintaining a healthier skin while Vitamin B reduces stress and therefore will allow us to sleep better and be less anxious.
Keep up with a healthy diet

Food in the fresh diet should include green vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, leak, green beans and other vegetables such as carrot, beetroot and so on. Also eat a substantial amount of fish and lean meats occasionally. Include fresh fruits such as grapefruit, pineapple, figs, papaya, orange and lemons and other fruits such as apples.
And finally start taking Omega 3, 6, 9 combination oils since this will greatly help you with keeping a healthy heart and bowels and other parts of the body. You should take three capsules of 1000mg daily for the effect to be released.
The other is Zinc, which helps the skin considerably, including internal organs, and any inflammation in your body. Be careful to stick to 100mg daily dose, since if you exceed that it will become toxic.
Never play with acne and try to force them out for your face will be damaged permanently. As soon as you start the diet make sure you keep your face clean by using extra good water based lotions and rinse your face well for long periods.
Just give a little time for the diet to be worked in and you will see a great change within a short period of time.

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