Breast Tenderness Symptoms in women suffering from Menopause

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Some people may have doubt as to what degree does breast tenderness got to do with menopause, but it actually does. It is eventually one of the first stages of peri menopause caused with the changes of your hormones, and they are very closely connected.
Hormone erratic behavior under peri menopause does not sound the trumpet on their arrival, but merely appear out of nowhere. You have been feeling fine for ages abusing your body and then one fine day bang, and symptoms capture you.
Although breast tenderness may be a thing some woman are used prior to menstruating, not all have experienced this feeling of bloating due to water retention and very sensitive to touch, and some dread it for it can be quite painful.

The cause for Breast Tenderness
The cause of breast tenderness in peri menopause is that the hormones, mainly estrogen and progesterone become unbalanced within each other and start producing more hormones than actually required. When this happens some may have a high level of estrogen while others have it low. Due to the resynchronization of the hormones, several symptoms appear, and breast tenderness is eventually just another symptom apart from the rest but connected as well.
Woman suffering from breast tenderness during peri menopause stage dread to acquire such as symptom because it makes them feel very uncomfortable during the day but even so at night when they have to go to bed, since some woman suffer excruciating pain on their breast and will have to settle to sleeping on their backs, and without the use of a brassiere. Due to this fact intimacy will become out of the question and many partners may not understand this but educating your spouse about such suffering may help you both to comfort each other in other ways.

Helping you feel more comfortable
Although some women may be able to fight it out and eventually in time get used to the breast tenderness feeling and pain it can produce, others are less unfortunate and cannot handle the suffering so well. There is much written on the subject and many health programs exist, such as HRT (hormone replacement therapy, even though it may produce side effects to some.

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