Dry & Dull Hair & Skin effected by Menopause

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Dry skin and dull hair caused by menopause can be frustrating as every woman wants to keep looking her best, even while she is experiencing bodily difficulties and her skin and her skin is showing unhealthy changes.
And yet many women cannot cope since they have not been educated on the way they can take care of this problem while experiencing menopause. This may be because their emotional state is all over the place, which can quickly lead to depression especially when they take a look at themselves at the mirror.
For a woman to deal with such a problem she first needs to understand what is causing it, during this difficult stage of menopause. All the changes occurring to her hair, skin and body are happening inside her body, in a way it never happened before to her.

What causes Dry Skin & Hair?
The cause of dry skin or dull and dry hair is the absence of sufficient estrogen in the body system, and these areas show negative changes dramatically when experiencing menopause. A healthy body with maximum estrogen properties usually stimulates the production of collagen and oils in our skin, making our skin and hair look great and full of vitality, which brings the brilliance in one’s appearance.
So having very small amounts of estrogen left in your body means that the skin will begin to dry out and age significantly. Slowly but surely wrinkles begin to appear and they start showing up at a faster rate than usual. Your hair will also shows signs of dryness and may even get scalp disorders, apart from the split and the thinning of hair that you will start noticing.
All in all with all this other changes in your body and now you have to deal with your dying appearance a woman will most certainly begin to feel low esteem and depression may start to set in, since every woman wants to look her best regardless. Eventually looking at yourself in the mirror when these stages start occurring to you, should automatically urge you to take immediate action to find out how best you can change this situation. There are ways to take action and bring back that vitality so why wait further!

Keeping yourself looking great
There are ways to take care of both your skin and your hair in the menopause transition period, but the choice is always going to be yours.
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is one of them. Estrogen capsules are prescribed to you by your doctor and you simply take them orally. This surpassingly replaces the estrogen lacking in your body and should eventually start changing the way your skin and hair looks. You must keep in mind that there are side effects to this remedy, and may not produce a great result to some. In some cases it has done more damage than good on the long run. Basically speaking, you are already curing your body from other menopause symptoms, and then it means that you are already replacing the estrogen within your body. So for the skin and hair to start looking great, you have to apply treatments on the outside of your skin or scalp and hair, period.

Your skin nourishment
The skin requires good moisturizers in order to remain supple and healthy looking. Also try to lie in cool bath full of essential oils such as Rose Petal, Geranium and other similar oils that will transform your skin considerable. As soon as you come out of the bath and dry up immediately apply the best moisturizer you can find and rest in a cool place for an hour. This will help improve your skin faster than you can imagine. There are a number of vitamins that help your skin look healthy like Vitamin A and vitamin E, and this will add to make you achieve a good result fast.

Face nourishment
As for your face every morning and every evening your face should be cleaned with a cleanser, light tonic massaged slightly and aging cream applied thereafter. During the day make sure you carry a lotion if working and apply several times daily.

Damaged Dry or Dull Hair
As for your hair massaging your scalp is a necessity to circulate the blood around it, keeping your hair roots healthy and vitalized. There are also exercises where you stand with your head upside down for periods of time, but not everyone takes to this liking. But it works magic.
Find very good shampoos and conditioners that help your hair look great and not damage it. There are a lot of products out there on the shelf that say a lot but believe me be careful as some can be extremely damaging. Once a month apply hot oil to your hair and trim the edges to sustain its looks. One secret that really works is to apply extra virgin oil to your scalp and hair, put a moist towel around it, and stays with it as long as you can. After wash it twice making sure you rinse it well. Do not apply any conditioner. Immediately brush your hair slowly and let it dry naturally when possible so as to avoid damaging your hair.
Dry skin or hair does not have to be connected while in menopause transition and already replacing your estrogen levels. If you repeat the methods discussed above there should be no reason for you to look drastic, for you are the one that can do something about it. Menopause does not have to be what you think it is, so be positive and take action before things get worse.

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